Interview with Kylie Badgley

20-year-old sophomore Kylie Badgley explains below a day in the life of a
PSC volleyball player. Playing middle hitter, she stands 6’2 and is a native of the Lone Star State.

What’s a typical day like balancing volleyball with academics?
Well, I’m taking 15 hours this semester and making all A’s so far. I even have a 101 in chemistry. Currently I have a 3.3 gpa. We have to maintain a 2.0 gpa but my dad would kill me and make me come home if I ever made anything close to that. Last semester I took 17 hours. We go to class just like everyone else, but after class we have practice, study hall, and weight training. On game days we do not practice. It’s sometimes hard when we have away games because after we get back that night, we still have to wake up and go to class the next morning. Getting enough rest has been my biggest challenge. It probably doesn’t help that I drink coffee every day.

How’s the season going so far?
Coach Laird (head coach PSC volleyball) is a really good coach, and he pushes us to be the best. Right now we are doing pretty good and we have a great team. I sprained my right ankle a couple of months ago, but the trainers have performed lots of ultrasounds and exercises to help strengthen it so I still get to play in the games.

How are the living arrangements for volleyball players?
Some of us live in the campus dorms, and the rest live of us live off campus in apartments. Last year I lived in the dorms (located behind building 96). I did not like living there because the dorms are very noisy. This year, I got a housing stipend of $400 per month to live off campus. We also get a food stipend of $450 per month.

What’s the hardest part about playing volleyball here?
I’m from Arlington, Texas, so I miss my family a lot. Last year I didn’t get to see them from July to November, and it was really hard for me, but I was able to call home and talk to them. This year we ended up playing in a tournament in Texas and my family was able to drive and see me. We rode on a bus for 15 long hours, but it was definitely worth it because I got to see my family. Also, my dad came to see me for Sophomore Night so I was pretty excited about that.

Tell me a little bit more about Sophomore Night.
It’s equivalent to senior night in high school when you are honored at the
game in front of family and friends, and they announce your future plans for life after PSC.

So what are your plans after PSC?
I definitely want to transfer to a Division I school, probably somewhere in
Texas, but I don’t think I will continue playing volleyball. Eventually I plan to go to law school and practice business law.

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